The labour market

Mental illness frequently causes people to leave the Danish labour market or prevents them from ever entering it. You will find part of the explanation for this in the prejudice, taboos and ignorance facing mental illness. Research carried out by SFI (The Danish National Centre for Social Research) indicates that Danes are much more reserved towards colleagues who suffer from mental illness than those with a physical ailment.

A better understanding of the mentally ill in the workplace will contribute to their social inclusion and help them retain a place in the labour market. In this context, research has shown that stigma on the part of the employers has a significant effect. As evidenced by the number of disability pensions awarded - where Denmark tops the chart in Europe, with more than half of the cases having basis in mental illness - we need a greater degree of tolerance and understanding.


In cooperation with the different actors within the labour market, we will start a number of initiatives targeting the work place. One long-term goal is to create a better understanding in the work place, which may serve to reduce sick leave caused by mental illness and provide better conditions for mentally ill to enter the labour market.