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ONE OF US has produced or been involved in the production of several materials in English that everyone are welcome to use in the campaigns and events that contribute to fight stigma against people with mental illnesses.

Inequity in Health
Videos that are part of the series of materials for Inequity  in health. The questions that follow each video can be used to encourage discussion about the respective theme.
Experience shows that people who have both a somatic and a mental illness is discriminated in the healthcare system and among healthcare providers, compared to people who only have a somatic illness.
Inequity in Health videos

Dialogue Kickstarter
Videos that staff groups can use to reflect about the role of culture and language. Service users, relatives, leaders and staff in the psychiatric sector have helped test and refine the material.
Dialogue Kickstarter videos 

    The Animation Workshop
    The internationally renowned animation film school, The Animation Workshop (TAW) has produced six 35-second films that showcase issues related to mental illnesses and address several of the different audiences and focus areas that ONE OF US has been dedicated to
    The Animation Workshop videos

      Men and Depression
      The first step is often the hardest. Helping a friend with depression may be easier than you think. Men are the main target group of this video.
      Men and Depression videos